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Anti-microbial Powder Coating

Metal colors for wall mounted medication cabinets, electronic charting stations

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Cygnus designs and manufacters innovative products and provides cutting-edge solutions. Our complete line of metal hospital computer cabinets, medication cabinets and articulating arms now feature Antimicrobial Powder Coating as a standard.

Microbes are small, living cells that can only be seen with the use of a microscope. Microbes include bacteria, fungi, and algae and are found almost everywhere on earth. While the majority of microbes do not interfere with human activities, there are some microbes capable of causing a variety of problems.  
The growth of microbes on materials such as coated surfaces, plastics, and fabrics can lead to foul odors, discoloration, and the formation of biofilm (i.e. mildew or slime). In some cases, the attached microbes can even degrade or corrode metal substrates. Microbes typically seek warm, moist environments with surfaces where nutrients are present to sustain growth.  
Protection against microbes begins with proper hygiene and cleanliness. However, cleaning procedures can be costly, time consuming and do not offer residual protection against new contamination. The use of a dependable and durable antimicrobial powder coating is the most suitable way to provide secondary protection against microbial contamination, supplementing proper hygiene practices. SilverSan™, by Spraylat, provides the substrate with the ability to inhibit the growth of a wide range of microbes and the formation of biofilm on the surface.  

Diagram 1 demonstrates the performance of SilverSan™ super polyester powder coating, whether the surface is abraded or unabraded, compared to a standard super polyester powder coating when exposed to damaging microbes.  
Diagram 2 demonstrates the performance of SilverSan™ white hybrid powder coating, whether the surface is abraded or unabraded. A standard, hybrid powder coating was also used as a control.  
Diagram 3 exhibits the performance of SilverSan™ in full gloss and medium gloss scientific epoxy coatings, greatly reducing the presence of harmful microbes on both coated surfaces.

THE TECHNOLOGY Spraylat’s antimicrobial powder coating was developed to protect the surface of coated parts against a broad spectrum of microbes. The innovative technology is founded on knowledge from the 14th century when Phoenicians used silver containers to keep water free of germs. Today, silver provides the foundation for a variety of uses associated with food, water, medical applications and health care related apparatus.

SilverSan™, containing an antimicrobial additive, slowly releases silver ions by way of an ion exchange mechanism to provide an effective control against bacteria. This ion exchange is completed with the moisture in the air and the breeding environment for microbes which also contains sodium (Na+) ions. This exchange occurs on a one to one basis liberating silver ions. The released ions neutralize the attack of microbes and render them ineffective. The innovative powder coating technology developed by Spraylat provides protection throughout the coating. Unlike some liquid products first introduced to the antimicrobial market, the inhibiting of microbes remains constant even if the surface has been subjected to wear. SilverSan™ was also designed to maintain the effectiveness of inhibiting microbes during exterior exposure.  

Spraylat’s research and development laboratory began development in 2001 formulating and testing products before introducing the SilverSan™ product line and has been sold in the marketplace for over 5 years. The extensive testing included processing capability, application development, performance property testing and effectiveness to support Spraylat in its effort to provide a leadership position in antimicrobial powder coatings.  
SilverSan™, formulated in epoxy technology, is capable of meeting the guidelines for NSF and EPA potable water.  

To provide its customers with the best recommendations for disposal of waste powder coatings, Spraylat has conducted extensive testing and also used the services of an independent, certified testing laboratory. This testing shows that  
SilverSan™ products can be handled and disposed of using typical practices associated with other powder coating products supplied by Spraylat. Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedures (TCLP), a test following EPA Method 1311 procedures, was well below the Federal limit for hazardous waste material. Customers should consult the MSDS provided and other state and local regulations relating to the handling and disposal of solid waste products.  

SilverSan™ performance enables equipment manufacturers applying powder coatings to expand into new markets or offer distinctive performance advantages over the competition. SilverSan™, formulated in any color using epoxy, hybrid, or polyester technologies, provides the end customer flexibility in selecting, with confidence, the right product.  

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