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Ready to transform your healthcare environment?

hospital ward planning for wall mounted cabinets

The patient-room charting stations, storage and work stations from Cygnus, Inc. maximize floor space and create an overall wellness environment for healthcare facility staff and patients.

• Cygnus’ products anticipate the needs of staff and help relieve their intense workloads with functional in-room computer areas and medical storage solutions that keep them close to the patient.

• Cygnus’ products take up a small footprint in patient rooms, maximizing the use of space and increasing staff efficiency. These clean, unobtrusive solutions are well integrated into the patient rooms.

• Designed for ergonomics, function, efficiency and safety, Cygnus can help eliminate the cross contamination risks of mobile workstations.

• Solutions from Cygnus are easy to install and maintain and they provide convenient, durable protection for your healthcare facility’s valuable computer assets.

Let Cygnus transform your healthcare environment with solutions that combine style, innovation and technology.