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BayView Wall mounted computer workstation furniture

32” Laptop/Paper Charting Station

As fixed elements in a room, computer and medication storage solutions from Cygnus reduce cross-contamination and keep patient areas free from impediments. These durable, functional patient areas provide everything staff members need to care for their patients and meet or exceed best-practice requirements.

For laptop computing we offer the 3227 series. This flexible unit can be used in many hallways as well as in patient rooms for laptop and tablet computing.


BV3227: Wood with 3D laminate. Class A fire rated., 33” W x 27” H x 4” D
Weight: 65 pounds

Push button mechanical lock
Passive upper and lower ventilation

Lights, LED and halogen
IP Based Network Lock
Push-button electronic lock or push button mechanical
Sliding keyboard tray and frame door
Push-button electronic lock
Tack strip and erasable marking board
Pen/pencil holder, chart divider
Custom configurations available