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Dear Valued Customer,

During these uncertain times everyone of us is now facing, we wanted to provide an update on the state of operations at Cygnus Inc. We would first like to extend our deepest sympathies and support to anyone who has been affected by this virus, and hope that you, your teams, and your friends and family remain healthy as we all work together to arrest the spread of the virus.

Many governments around the world have asked or declared that non-essential businesses close for a minimum of 14 days. Since 1988 we have been a direct supplier to hospitals and healthcare cacilities around the world. Our products and facilities are correctly classified as essential and we remain open as critical suppliers of products to the Healthcare industry providing custom designed cabinets, med carts and medicine storage cabinets      .

During this time we will be working extra hard to satisfy the increased demand for our products, we are also  waiving any and all design fees for products that would be directly beneficial in the effort to combat the Covid-19 Virus.

As we all know, this situation remains very fluid. Cygnus Inc. will continue to strictly adhere to all CDC guidelines, local government recommendations and company policies. There is no doubt that we will be tested in new ways in the coming weeks. We are committed to keeping you informed as we continue to do everything we can to successfully keep our customers, our associates and our business healthy.

Robert Waugh
Cygnus, Inc.