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Electronic Lock

Key Features

The Membrane Keypad Access Controller provides simplified access control for any electronic lock. It eliminates mechanical key management with simple keypad access for up to 120 user codes. Two outputs provide additional security where independent access is required for multiple compartments. Programming options provide a simple method for controlling access times and setting up access codes. 

Technical Specs
Access Code Length: 4 digits
Supply Voltage: 12V - 24VDC ± 10% (NOTE: Do not exceed maximum latch operating voltage)
Standby Current: 30μA (max, no attached devices)
Operating Current: 10mA (max, no attached devices)Max Latch Current: 2A peak (each)
NOTE: For indoor use only.

Cygnus Electronic Lock

Caregivers asked for a solution to limit the number keys needed to access technology, supplies and medications. Cygnus answered with one single lock which can open any number of switches on a cabinet or computer cart.

The powered lock is small and robust featuring the flexibility that the caregivers need.

Normal Operation
In normal operation the user will enter a 4 digit access code. Once a numeric key is pressed, the blue Status LED will light. The user will then enter the remaining 3 digits of their code. If the access code is accepted, the blue Status LED will blink and the door latch will be released for the time period specified. If the code is not accepted, the red Status LED will blink. If a mistake is made during code entry, the ‘*’ key can be used to clear previous key strokes and start over. This will also turn off the blue Status LED. Once a key is pressed, the keypad will wait 30 seconds for the next input. If thirty seconds elapse with no input, the keypad will clear previous key strokes, shut off the blue Status LED, blink the red Status LED and return to sleep mode.

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