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Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't see a product that exactly fits what I'm looking for. Does Cygnus offer custom products?

Yes. We pride ourselves on offering the most customized solutions on the market. We can customize any of our products including our computer wall mounts, charting wall desks, medication boxes, and even our arms. Best of all, you will find that our custom products generally cost less than some of our competitors' off-the-shelf options.

For an example of our custom capabilities please click here.

What colors are your metal wall mounts available in?

We offer 5 standard colors and a rainbow of custom colors. Our standard colors are white, beige, light ivory, light gray and oyster white. The custom color pattern is only limited by your imagination.

What colors are your wood/laminate wall desks available in?

For a complete list of 3D laminates click here.

Where can I see a complete list of your standard products?

The most complete list of our products is available in our product section of this website. We also have a PDF file with our current product offerings. If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact our products specialists at 888-760-8159. Complete Solutions Cygnus Complete Solutions

Does Cygnus offer a warranty with its products?

Yes. In fact, we offer the longest warranty in the industry. We offer a 5-year warranty against defects in materials, workmanship and finish of the cabinet under normal use and a 2-year warranty on the door lifting systems.

These warranties include the wall mount/wall desk structural components and lifting systems, but do not cover shipping, installation or other labor costs.

Do your wall mounts comply with Joint Commission (JCAHO), HIPAA, etc.?

All Cygnus products meet or exceed every applicable health code and regulation – including those established by HIPAA, Joint Commission (JCAHO) and the ADA. Also, our products meet standard life safety and OSHPD requirements.

Can I get a demo unit?

Absolutely. Simply contact our office and a representative will be happy to arrange for a sample to be shipped to your location.

How much does _______ cost?

To find out what a particular Cygnus product costs, please feel free to contact us at (888) 760-8159 or e-mail us at Or click here to visit our contact page for a web-based e-mail form.