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VIDEO: Network Lock in Medication Cabinet


Imagine one card that can simplify your workflow as well as strengthen your access control to all computer cabinets, medication boxes and doors.Read the Sinai Case Study

The NetLock eliminates the need to remember a password, a combination or key to open a cabinet. Now, a simple swipe of a proximity card can get you into the cabinet. The lock then sends a packet of information to the administrative server which contains the cabinet location, caregiver identification and time cabinet was opened.

User Advantages
• Easy to Use
• Easy to Add or Remove Personnel
• Easy to Create and Access Reports
• Key override if lock fails
• Captag option for magnetic strips
• Compatible with most HID/Prox Cards

Facility Advantages
• Low installation cost
• Power supplied through PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
• Continued function through power loss.
• Multiple facilities can be controlled and monitored.

IT Advantages
• Centralized Administration
Full integration with Active Directory
• Easy to understand and create reports
• Clear and concise access control administration
• Easily scalable
• Doors and cabinets become simple network appliances.

 Download the Product Sheet

 Download the Network Lock Technical Sheet