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Hygienic, Water Resistant Keyboards & Mice
By Man & Machine


Whether your challenge is dirt or durability, blood or bacteria, coffee or coughing, the liquid resistant, 100% latex-free, rugged, silicone base keyboards and mice are engineered to withstand environmental hazards in all workplace settings.

From the OR to the ER, the factory to the field, the contaminant-4.0, IP-68 rated keyboards and mice can not only withstand the harshest conditions, they can be disinfected, sprayed, wiped, sanitized and even submerged to dramatically reduce incidence of damage and contamination.



• Resistance: IP 68
• Compliance: EN 60601, CE, FCC certified
• Connector: USB,PS/2 (Really Cool Plus is USB Only)
• Storage Temperature: -4° - 158° F
• Operating Temperature: 32° - 158° F
• Power Consumption: 26 mA (max)
• Size: 15 x 8.3 x .06 in (Really Cool Plus), 15 x 5.5 x .06 in (Really Cool Plus)
• Cable length: 6 ft
• Weight: 2.7 lbs (Really Cool Plus), 1.7 lbs (Really Cool/Really Cool Meditech)
• Compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac
• Layout: Includes numeric keyboard, 12 function keys
• Optional Back Light: Really Cool, Really Cool Plus, Really Cool Meditech
• Built-In Touchpad: Really Cool Plus
• Color: Black or Cool Grey (Meditech: Grey Only)
• Drivers: No drivers required
• Warranty: 10 year replacement