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Patient Room Wall Mounted Workstation Solutions

In Room Cabinets typically are not subject to the depth/fire code constraints of hall cabinets. Therefore they offer more flexibility in choice of cabinet, size of computer/display combination that can be used and offer the option of an articulating arm that will allow the user to turn and face the patient while they chart.

Consideration of workflow and available space are essential when planning to mount a computer inside a patient room.

Consideration also has to be given to color, electrical inputs and construction material. Cygnus offers cabinets in both wood and metal. Metal cabinets come standard with antimicrobial additive.

Cygnus has helped a large number of hospitals make the design and configuration choices which have resulted in cabinet selections that optimally meet their needs. Contact us for a no-charge evaluation of your needs and the potential products available to meet them.

Wall Computer Desk Wall Mounted Computing Desk 2842 Clamshell Wall Mounted Computer Cabinet
 2842 with Open Display
MBV2842 Wall Mounted Computer CabinetMBV3630 Wall Mounted Computer Cabinet