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Cygnus Helathcare Products

Wall Mounted Computer CabinetsWall Mounted Medication Cabinetspoint of care mobile technology carts

 wall mount articulating swing out armslocks and securityKeyboards, locks, bar code scanners, accessories for our hospital computer cabinets and electronic charting stations

Cygnus Inc the leader in Hospital Computer Cabinets and Workstations

Based in Petoskey, Michigan, we are a leader in providing custom hospital workstations in the United States. Since 1988, our research and development teams have worked endlessly in producing designs capable of improving the workspaces in hospitals. With these specifications in mind, our engineers have been able to put this plan into motion, constructing models with various designs and elements that add a distinctive flair to any hospital office space. We pride ourselves in offering the most customizable hospital computer cabinets and wall cabinets on the market today.

We carefully examine and anticipate the needs of the staff so that they have no issues in regards to medical storage. Our designs maximize the use of space given and only make up a small footprint of the actual patient rooms. Whether you prefer our wall mounted computer cabinets or our non-powered laptop carts,each product will be able to transform your work area into a functional, innovative space that is more ergonomically friendly.

Our main mission is to provide solutions in improving the workspace environment of our healthcare workers and make their jobs easier. Our founder has experience in the healthcare industry and understands what it takes to produce more efficiency in the workplace. Our products are top of the line because they are easily integrated, simplistic in its usage and they provide an overall efficient work structure between the medical professional and the patient.