Custom Designed and Manufactured Workstations

Cygnus will work with your team to design and build the perfect workstation for your healthcare environment. All aspects of our process can be custom designed.

Total Workstation Customization

At Cygnus we understand that one healthcare facility is not the same as another. If you need an alteration of one of our standard cabinets or an entirely new design, we deliver personalized solutions to fit your specific needs.

Our team of seasoned professionals will design and build anything you need; no job is too much. Don’t see the product that meets your exact requirements? We will accommodate you to your complete satisfaction.

Cygnus builds wood and metal units including charting wall desks, computer wall mounts and medication boxes. From dimensions to hardware to finishes, we build cabinets to our client’s exact specifications.

Don’t spend your money on standard assembly line products when you can pay the same or less for craftsmanship quality, custom built workstations designed just for you! Call us today for your free quote!

Below are some examples of custom workstations

Reduced Footprint

A BV3630 modified to accommodate an all-in-one monitor and CPU. A small drop-down desk was designed to reduce the footprint into the patient room.

Hidden Locking System

This cabinet has a Netlock hidden behind the right front panel. The inset circle is there as a guide for using the prox card.

Limited Space Design

This is an original design with a tambour door and a pull-out computer arm inside that holds an all-in-one monitor and keyboard. The tambour door design works great when there is very limited floor space.

Additional Storage

This cabinet was specially designed by an architect with additional storage in the bottom of the cabinet.

Additional Storage

Here is another example of a cabinet designed with extra built-in storage in the top of the cabinet.

Extra Interior Space

This unit features a reinforced frame on the outer door for extra space inside to accommodate a deeper monitor/keyboard combination.

Additional Storage

An architect designed this custom Bayview cabinet to have extra storage in the top of the cabinet.

Custom Close Feature

A customer requested this open top cabinet that would close with the laptop attached to the door.

Oversized Monitor Support

We designed this computer arm with an extra extension that could also support an oversized monitor.

Medication Workstation Hybrid

This custom design allows for two medication boxes in the top of the cabinet, along with an ultra small form factor CPU positioned directly behind the monitor. The keyboard is attached to a sliding tray that also room to store a mouse holder. The height of the cabinet was 32″.


Cygnus can build the perfect custom wall desk for your hospital. We can customize both wood and metal units including charting wall desks, computer wall mounts, and medication boxes. From dimensions, to hardware, to finishes, we can build a point-of-care workstation to meet your hospitals’ exact specifications.