Strong enough to support the weight of a keyboard plus monitor, and adjustable with minimal effort.

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Cygnus has been manufacturing computer arms for use in the healthcare market since 1994. Cygnus was first to offer computer arms inside cabinets. The purpose of the swing-out feature was to allow the hospital staff to open the cabinet, pull out the computer arm, and maneuver it so the user could face the patient and enter data while viewing the patient. This option allows for better communication between the medical staff and patient. This option is available in any of our 7” deep cabinets.

We manufacture computer arms that mount directly to the wall as well. These arms fit into a tight space and do not require any additional backing. Our sit-to-stand arms are powered to allow the user to adjust the height as needed.

Our advantage is our manufacturing process. We electronically design and build everything in house, wood and metal products. All products are shipped fully assembled. This allows us to offer computer solutions in any configuration, and as time passes reconfigure the design for the new generation of computers.