Why Choose Cygnus?

Why do healthcare providers choose Cygnus Inc.?

Cygnus Inc. has been the leader in healthcare solutions for over four decades. We have thousands of clients throughout the United States and work closely with some of the largest healthcare networks in the world.

Relieves intense workloads for Caregivers

We Make Your Job Easier

At Cygnus, Inc., we understand the intense workload you face as a caregiver and it is our company’s mission to ease that burden. We specialize in custom patient room charting stations, storage and work stations designed for form, function and flow.

Our job is to make your job easier while designing for the factors that influence your job:

• Safety

• Infection Control

• Efficiency

• Ease Of Use

• Ergonomics

• Pleasant Work Environment.

Cygnus provides you with the ability to chart directly near your patients without interruption as well as the ability to show patient education content at the bedside without cumbersome carts. Our founder worked in the healthcare industry and built these solutions specifically to provide you with solutions that will improve your job and improve the way you feel about your job.

Transform the way you work!

The patient-room charting stations, storage and work stations from Cygnus, Inc. maximize floor space and create an overall wellness environment for healthcare facility staff and patients.

• Cygnus’ products anticipate the needs of staff and help relieve their intense workloads with functional in-room computer areas and medical storage solutions that keep them close to the patient.

• Cygnus’ products take up a small footprint in patient rooms, maximizing the use of space and increasing staff efficiency. These clean, unobtrusive solutions are well integrated into the patient rooms.

• Designed for ergonomics, function, efficiency and safety, Cygnus can help eliminate the cross contamination risks of mobile workstations.

• Solutions from Cygnus are easy to install and maintain and they provide convenient, durable protection for your healthcare facility’s valuable computer assets.

Let Cygnus transform your healthcare environment with solutions that combine style, innovation and technology.

Ready to transform your healthcare environment?

Easy-access computer solutions that will give you peace of mind

IT will love Cygnus!

As healthcare facilities become more decentralized, IT professionals have to plan for a variety of situations. Yet, they must incorporate solutions that meet a series of consistent needs. Cygnus, Inc. designs patient-room charting stations, storage and work stations designed for form, function and flow.

• Protect Your Technology

• Bedside Information Access

• Work Stations Designed with Proper Computer Ventilation

• Prevent cross contamination (without sacrificing efficient workflow solutions)

All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States!